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Ability Action Australia is an NDIS-registered service provider. Our services are adaptable, so our mobile clinicians can come to your home, or you can attend one of our many clinics.

Our services include Personal Care, Community Participation, Support Worker, Transportation Assistance, Mobability Aid, Home Maintenance, Disability Care Service  and Allied Care . More information is provided below.

Personal Care

Personal Care assists clients with regular self-care duties in order to help them maintain adequate hygiene and grooming standards.

Community Participation

This grant provides support for NDIS members who want to participate in the community, social, or recreational activities. These activities may be offered in a center or in the community.

Support Worker

We can assist you with gaining access to the community through Community Participation and Innovative Community Participation, allowing you to participate in activities that will help you develop skills, independence, and connections.

Transportation Assistance

A participant will generally be able to access funding through the NDIS for transport assistance if the participant cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty due to their disability.

Mobability Aid

If you want to go about your daily life more efficiently and safely, or you feel you there is something you can’t do because of your disability, you could benefit from a mobility aid.

Home Maintenanace

NDIS can provide funding for support with gardening, cleaning services, and home maintenance. But it’s important to point out that it will only fund these supports if they’re reasonable and necessary, and directly related to your disability.

Disability Care Service

The NDIS provides funding for those who require complex care to cover costs associated with providing services to assist them in reaching their goals and objectives and living their best life.

Allied Health

Allied health providers provide evidence, assessments and reports that inform access and planning decisions made by NDIA delegates (planners) under the NDIS Act.

Personal Care

What the Service Offers?

As part of your NDIS Package, Personal Care assists clients with daily self-care duties in order to help them maintain adequate hygiene and grooming standards.


Personal care supports are services that help people with their daily activities, such as assisting with or supervising personal responsibilities. As an example:

Community Participation Assistance

What Exactly Is Social And Community Participation Assistance?

The NDIS Core supports category includes a budget for Assistance with Social and Community Participation. This grant can be used to improve your participation in community, social, and recreational activities. The assistance category has been renamed Assistance with Social, Economic, and Community Participation and can now be used to fund economic activities (such as volunteering or work experience).

Assistance with social and community participation NDIS examples.

Support Worker

What Does An Ndis Support Worker Do?

The role of our support workers is to provide a helping hand where you need it most.

Their crucial role is to help you work on your goals to increase your independence and confidence.

They can help you access the community through Community Participation and Innovative Community Participation, enabling you to get involved in activities to build skills, independence, and connections.

Our Support Workers can help you with Life Skills Training and Development and Assistance with Daily Life to help you work on your everyday skills essential for developing your independence and confidence.

You May Anticipate That Our Ndis Disability Support Workers Will :

Transportation Assistance

How The Ndis Finances Transportation?

Transportation is a vital aspect of freedom and independence because it allows you to see friends, get to work, and travel around town. Let’s look at the four ways the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can support transportation and hear some transportation advice from our staff.

Getting Around

Suppose your disability makes it difficult or impossible for you to utilize public transportation. In that case, the NDIS may find that it is reasonable and essential to offer money for taxis, rideshares, community transportation, and other appropriate modes of transportation.

The travel allowance provided by the NDIS each year is determined by your specific situation and how frequently you work or study.

As Transport Allowance, core support, you can incorporate one of three levels of assistance in your plan:
Level 1: If you are not working, studying, or attending day programs but want to improve your community access, the NDIS can offer you $1,606 in transportation per year.

Level 2: If you work or study less than 15 hours per week or attend day programs, the NDIS can offer you up to $2,472 in transportation assistance per year.

Level 3: If you work, study or look for work for more than 15 hours per week, you can receive up to $3,456 per year for transportation.


Mobility Aide

What Role Does A Mobility Assistance Play In My Ndis Plan?

Reduced mobility due to a disability or accident can lead to a loss of independence and, more frequently than not, impact the overall quality of life. Using the NDIS or other support money to purchase a mobility aid has various advantages, including lowering the chance of falls and damage, allowing for more freedom, moving around with increased confidence and self-esteem, and even helping with pain relief.

Recognizing and acknowledging the requirement for mobility help is the first step toward determining which mobility device would best meet an NDIS participant’s specific needs.

It May Well Be The Time To Consider A Mobility Aid If

Home Maintenance

What This Service Provides As Part Of An Ndis Package?

However, modifications must be recommended by an occupational therapist. This can also be included in your package if adequate finances are available.


Modifications must however be quoted on and accepted by NDIS


Disability Care Assistance

How it feels to work for us

We want to hear from you if you are passionate about assisting persons with disabilities. We provide disability jobs and career opportunities where you will work with NDIS participants to help them achieve their goals and connect them with their communities.

Allied Health

We Assist People Who Have Complex Assistance Needs

The team treats a diverse spectrum of NDIS clients and has extensive expertise working with people with impairments such as:

We Care About your NDIS Goals

Get in touch to achieve your NDIS goals and let your abilities soar with us.

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