In the dynamic realm of disability support services, mergers often herald new beginnings and brighter futures. Today, we unveil a partnership that promises to redefine the landscape of disability care – The Oyster Care and PHM Health merger.


This merger isn’t just about combining two organisations; it’s about harnessing their collective strength to elevate the quality of care and support offered to individuals with disabilities. Join us on this journey of transformation. 

Uniting Purpose and Compassion: Oyster Care and PHM Health's Shared Vision

Oyster Care has long been dedicated to fostering close connections with people living with disabilities, First Nations communities, and the underprivileged. This vision now finds a kindred spirit in PHM Health.


Together, they aim to create a society characterised by inclusivity and compassion. This shared vision lays the foundation for an Oyster Care and PHM Health merger driven by a deep sense of purpose and empathy. 

Scale and Impact: The Oyster Care and PHM Health Merger

The merger unites Oyster Care and PHM Health and consolidates their extensive network of participants and support workers. This network spans across both regional and metropolitan Australia.


Beyond sheer numbers, this Oyster Care and PHM Health merger strengthens their partnerships and connections within the disability support sector and various government levels across the country. The result is a more comprehensive and holistic approach to care. 

Elevating Care Standards: What to Expect from the Oyster Care and PHM Health Merger

A pivotal outcome of this merger is a resolute commitment to raise the bar in terms of service quality. NDIS participants can anticipate an enhanced standard of care characterised by unwavering dedication, expertise, and shared commitment to excellence.


Oyster Care’s wide-ranging services, meticulously tailored to address specific needs, will continue to serve as the bedrock of this commitment.   

Strength Through Unity: The Power of Collaboration

The advantages of this Oyster Care and PHM Health merger transcend mere administrative changes.


It establishes a more robust and resilient support system, empowering individuals with disabilities to pursue their goals and lead richer lives.


By amalgamating the expertise, experience, and dedication of both Oyster Care and PHM Health, a broader spectrum of services and a higher standard of care become accessible to participants. This ensures that they receive the support and attention they rightfully deserve. 

Leadership Redefined: Meet the Architects of Change

In this Oyster Care and PHM Health merger, leadership transitions play a pivotal role in determining its success.


The appointments of Vik Naidu as Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Oyster Care entities and Damien Ferguson as Chief Operating Officer for Oyster Care inject seasoned leadership into the equation. Additionally, Adarsh Dutt’s role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) underscores the financial stability and expertise underpinning the merged entity.



Furthermore, Oyster Hub‘s pivotal role in this Oyster Care and PHM Health merger stands as a testament to its credibility and extensive experience in delivering top-tier services.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Oyster Care and PHM Health merger signifies more than just a business union; it represents a shared commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities.


As this partnership unfolds, it promises to shape the future of disability support services, emphasising compassion, inclusivity, and excellence.


Together, Oyster Care and PHM Health are on a mission to create a brighter, more equitable future for all. 

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