How To Choose The Right NDIS Support Coordinator

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How To Choose The Right NDIS Support Coordinator

3) How To Choose The Right NDIS Support Coordinator For You

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It is crucial to provide high-quality NDIS support for NDIS members to lessen the burden of their everyday responsibilities.

That’s why they need a support coordinator to help streamline their daily lives and be there for them anytime. You may maximize the value you get from your NDIS budget with the help of a support coordinator.

These individuals can help you organize all of your services under that umbrella.

Upon having their plan accepted, a participant can begin working with a support coordinator.

It can be difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating to seek the appropriate help. Participants in the NDIS have unprecedented leeway in determining the nature and source of their support.

However, you do not want to go into the trouble of finding and juggling different providers and services.

Here is where the Support Coordination team comes in handy

What is Support Coordination?

The goal of support coordination is to maximize the effectiveness of your planned support.

One of the ways the NDIS can assist you in achieving your goals is by providing support coordination services.

These services are aimed at bolstering your abilities to do so. With the assistance of an NDIS support coordinator, you can maximize the impact of the resources at your disposal.

Support coordination is a form of capacity-building support that allows you to:

  • Learn your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan inside and out so you can achieve your aims
  • Facilitate access to NDIS service providers, as well as mainstream, community, and government resources
  • Strengthen your ability to recognize, access, and coordinate your support.
  • Introduce you to community gathering spots in your area.
  • Send the NDIS updates on your situation, detailing any unmet or monetary requirements.

What Are the Three Levels of Support Coordination?

Having a reliable NDIS Support Coordinator who respects your preferences and stands by your choices is crucial to progress toward your objectives.

If you have a competent Support Coordinator, you can make the most of your NDIS budget.

You can also optimize the services your NDIS Plan provides. They can provide guidance when you choose which services to use.

Your strategy may incorporate one, two, or all three of the following forms of assistance:

Support Connection

The help you receive is meant to fortify your ability to connect with informal, community, and financial resources.

This will boost the efficacy of your plan and bring you closer to your goals.

Support Coordination

With this assistance, you’ll be able to acquire the skills and information necessary to carry out your strategy.

NDIS support coordinators will work with you to determine which services will most benefit achieving your desired outcomes.

This could include strengthening your relationships, assuming control over your care, developing your independence, and integrating into your community.

Specialist Support Coordination

The level of assistance coordination achieved here is superior. Complex problems need expert intervention qualify for this service.

A dedicated Support Coordinator will provide a hand in dealing with issues in the support setting and guaranteeing constant service. 

What Does an NDIS Support Coordinator Do? 

An NDIS Support coordinator for participants in the NDIS will provide different types of assistance from support coordinators based on the goals involved and the support coordination required.

They aid you in gathering information from your service providers and preparing for plan reviews.

In addition, you may find that some providers that help you with support coordination have specialized knowledge that will help you concentrate on a particular objective, such as leaving home.

They allow you to get the following services: 

#1. Acquiring Expertise in Making Plans 

You’re not alone if you’re new to the NDIS or have trouble grasping the lingo. In cases like these, a Support Coordinator is invaluable. Their understanding of the NDIS and available resources is priceless.

A Support Coordinator will consider how the plan will affect you, listen to your concerns, and offer recommendations. 

#2. Offers Vast Options 

To ensure that their clients have agency over their support and can make informed decisions, NDIS Support Coordinators should present them with all viable options.

They advise clients on the best course of action given their unique situations. 

#3. Mediate Conflicts and Provide Immediate Resolutions 

A Support Coordinator is available to mediate conflicts between clients and service providers and facilitate resolution when necessary. If the client doesn’t feel comfortable with the service provider, they are free to sever ties. 

#4. Opens More Room for Connection 

A Support Coordinator is essential to the sustained achievement of plan implementation because of their role in linking participants with community service providers.

As a result of their familiarity with local resources and established relationships with service providers, NDIS Support Coordinators are in a prime position to refer clients to organizations that will best meet their specific needs. 

#5. Consistent Support System 

After you’ve had some time to get used to your plan, your Support Coordinator will sit down with you to discuss your progress thus far and make any required tweaks where it is applicable to keep your project functioning smoothly. 

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How Can an NDIS Support Coordinator Help You? 

The goals of Support Coordination are to increase your independence in managing your NDIS supports.

More so, reducing the complexity of the NDIS so that you fully comprehend your plan.

Gain access to the following advantages by hiring a Support Coordinator: 

1. They specifically tailor strategies fit for you. 

Your NDIS Support Coordinator will be well-versed in the NDIS’s jargon and will be happy to explain the significance of each section of your plan, help you define your NDIS objectives, and develop a plan to meet those objectives. 

2. They link you up with the appropriate backers. 

You can find providers who can help you achieve your goals and address your requirements with the help of a support coordinator.

You and your caregivers must get along, so your Support Coordinator will help you identify people who are a good fit. If you surround yourself with upbeat people, you can achieve anything.

Due to this tailored approach, you will see results soon. 

3. Assist those with varying ethnic backgrounds. 

Different perspectives and experiences make each person’s life exciting and distinctive.

In the same vein, learning about and catering to people’s cultural requirements is the key to establishing meaningful relationships with them.

An NDIS Support Coordinator will work hard to locate resources that respect your values, language, culture, rituals, behavior, religion, diet, and outlook. 

4. Adjust your priorities based on your selection. 

You get to be the boss of your own life and make all the decisions that affect it.

A Support Coordinator is a guide who can help you make informed decisions about the services and resources you need because of their extensive background and expertise in the field.

Support Coordination aims to increase your self-efficacy so that you can take charge of your NDIS support services. 

5. It does away with the need for paper records. 

An NDIS Plan involves a substantial amount of paperwork.

If you hire an NDIS Support Coordinator to assist you in keeping track of your NDIS funding and manage your Service Agreements, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your money is being spent wisely.

Plus, they will compile and supply the NDIA with progress reports and pinpoint any gaps in your plan that may necessitate additional financing in preparation for your NDIS Plan review meetings. 

What Makes a Good NDIS Support Coordinator? 

Choosing a support coordinator that meshes well with you is an individual process because everyone has various needs and requires varying degrees of assistance.

A few essential qualities to look for in a support coordinator include: 


Considering the importance of your journey’s NDIS support coordinator, you may want to hire a company focusing solely on providing support coordination services.

Support coordination services specializing in your needs are called “specialist” services.

They are distinguished from generalist services because they do not also offer plan management, counseling, or other forms of support work. 


Keep in mind that what benefits one client may not help another. An effective support coordinator will be creative and able to think on their feet. 


In hiring a support coordinator, you are entrusting them with your plans and finances. Getting scammed or losing money in a transaction is the least of your worries. You should feel confident in the decisions and preparations made on your behalf by your support coordinator. 


You may verify the legitimacy and legality of the NDIS support coordinator service provider by looking into their credentials.

It is critical that people who use the NDIS choose a partner they can trust and work with over the long haul. 


If the NDIS provider you’re considering shares your aim of maintaining a solid relationship with you and your family while also providing excellent service, you’ve found yourself among kindred spirits.

Providers in this industry who can sympathize with their customers will be better able to meet your demands and fulfill your requests. 

Tips for Choosing the Ideal NDIS Support Coordinator 

Selecting the perfect support coordinator service for your needs may seem overwhelming among all the available possibilities.

Top-notch customer service is always characterized by a prompt response time from the support team.

Think about how quickly a potential support coordinator responds to your messages. 

A top-notch NDIS support coordinator is also knowledgeable of the different services a participant of the NDIS needs.

These people should have all the information about a particular disability to create connections and empathize with their clients.

It can also be comforting for clients when they know their support coordinators deeply understand how to manage them and their necessities. 

Beyond that, you can pay attention to how they interact with you when you chat with them and evaluate how they respond to your requests.

You can count on their backing if they keep open lines of communication and agree to meet you halfway on your demands.

The price of their service becomes reasonable under these circumstances.

Finally, with all that in place, the support coordinator you’re currently speaking with may be the right fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What do I need to commence? 

NDIS service providers can submit your NDIS plan through email to; after that, a manager will designate a Support Coordinator from OysterCare team to assist you.

Once a Support Coordinator has been appointed, they will send you a Service Agreement to sign and return before they may begin providing any services.

During office hours, you can contact us at our NDIS provider number (02) 9158 5444 if you have any further inquiries. 

What are the Team’s Qualifications and Background? 

Everyone on the team has a substantial background in the disability field.

The team members also have experiences in allied health NDIS, mobility aid, disability care, transportation, the provision of personal care, communication participation help, and allied health.

If you have further questions, contact us using the information provided above. 

How do you handle potential biases? 

Trusted Support Coordination employs its staff full-time. Moreover, the job of the NDIS support coordinators is to ensure you’re presented with credible options to choose the one that will work best for you. 

How can I register for your service? 

You must include Support Coordination as Capacity Building support in your NDIS budget. 

Are you an NDIS-approved service provider? 

Oyster Care is an NDIS-approved service provider that meets the needs of low-income individuals and those with disabilities.

NDIS register as a service provider is vital for legitimacy.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive options for SDA, respite, supported independent living, and core supports.

You can check our NDIS provider portal to learn more about us. 

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